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S/X Fic : The Fire Inside Still Burns

Title              :The Fire Inside Still Burns
Pairing        :  Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso 
Disclaimer :  Not true
Rating         :  PG-13
Word Counts  : 5700~~
Summary    : Of all the words that Steven has ever said to him maybe this one is making his heart wrench the  most. He cannot even form sentences to say it back to Steven
Feedbacks :  if you don't mind, please? it'll make my day even brighter :)
A/N                : thanks so much for my lovely and amazing beta tessalonso she helps me a lot! :D

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Dear Samir,
Life has been absurd lately. I bet you feel that too. I've seen the cake that has been made by your friends, it was great I love the topping. I do wish I was there but the important thing I do wish you were happy, always be happy.
Do you remember the first time you stepped up your feet in Britain?
Do you remember the first day you wore that Red and White jersey?
I do remember. I remember that blonde highlight on your hair and I found it ridiculously cute. That was good time.
I remember the goals you made, not all of that though, I remember the ones against Manchester United. I remember your face. Happily endearing.
you make me happy when you're happy. But then again you broke my heart lately. I don't understand what you were thinking cause I thought you were happy with everythings around you. I thought you were doing fine.
I cannot imagine you're without Arsenal, I just can't. I cannot imagine you without that Red and White shirt. I don't want to imagine it. I don't want to think about it. I'm just too scared I cannot love you with the same passion and feeling if you literally leave. I cannot.
After all, I'm no one to you. I'm just an ordinary Arsenal fan who love you in sucha way that people cannot understand. But of I had a chance to say it to you, I would beg you not to leave. The reasons are simple. You got us, the fans, we can be your friends and your family, we are here to support you because we're on the same boat, and it's Arsenal.
When you can feel the love is actually around you then everything will be alright.

I'm too much rumbling no? Sorry..
Hope you someday will read this. I'm not pushing my luck though but I feel relieved I wrote this to you, only you. maybe if I could meet you there would be so much I need to say to you.

Once again, Happy Birthday Soldier!



PS: I love you, each day, as always. :")

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you and me

this fucking drama

the thing about Cesc is sometimes he made my heart wrenched and i wanted him to go away but at the end of the day he made me want him back again.
So he said he is happy at Arsenal and he doesnt want to talk about transfer cause he's fucking enjoying his holidays now. At first i thought damn this man i want him back as my captain,for sure but then again he only said he's happy and being happy not always make you stay at the club. UGH IDK.
There are some points when i want him just clearly say yes he wants to stay or yes he wants to leave. And he's a grown man omg, he shouldve known what exactly he wants in his life. WHY DOESNT HE JUST SAY WHAT HE REALLY WANTS??!
i think thats the part of Cesc that shown how unstable he is, or maybe he's just too afraid to break some certain people's hearts. Oh man... Life is about choices, some will be happy and some will hurt, thats the consequences. SO PLEASE, JUST MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, AND EVERYBODY WILL BREATHE AGAIN.

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